What does Custom Foot Orthotics Therapy entail?

Healthy soles make happy people. This is what popped into mind as soon as I came across foot orthotics therapy and what it entails. People develop foot problems as they age. This leads to muscle and joint pains, in others it results in chronic back problems. To remedy such ailments, Orthotics has technologically advanced over the years to the point where one can have custom made shoes designed specifically for their feet.

This is part of the foot orthotics therapy which entails arbitrary exercising, manual therapy (foot massages) as well prescription footwear as I had mentioned before. These recommendations are advised after an assessment of your predicament has done and satisfy the need for orthotic therapy. All this is done with the help of a 3D computer scanner that detects weaknesses. This aids the podiatrist in pin pointing the type of healing you need rather using a generic cure.

At Alexander and Farrell Podiatrywe have mastered the art of foot orthotic therapy by use of Biomechanics to help diagnose and improve people’s individual podiatry issues. Biomechanics is the study and analyses of how the body is impacted and affected by physical experiences. Through this we can determine what type orthotic remedy one needs. Such improvements have helped rid of the old school plaster. This is helpful also for people who rely on orthotic devices for life or for future reference, as the digital images are stored as medical files.

This is for people who need ankle and knee braces, crutches and or walking sticks. Shoe inserts are made to fit into a specific shoe sizes. Orthotic foot therapy has become part of sports injury reformation due to the nature of contact sports; prophylactic braces are now prescribed to athletes who suffer from knee or ankle distress.   

Depending on the extent of the injury or ailment, rehabilitation and physiotherapy maybe prescribed as to be part of the orthotic therapy. This will provide an overall holistic healing and lead to a better quality of life, restore and improve mobility. 

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