How to Keep Your Feet Healthy and Happy

Having healthy feet is very crucial. Your feet are quite often the most neglected part ofyour body and are also quite possibly the most hardworking of all your various body parts. Your feet generally take and endure more stress than any other part of your body simply because you spend so much of your day on them. We not only walk great distances on our feet but also put our entire body weight on them, while just simply standing, walking or running from one place to another.

Our feet are also subject to a great deal of impact related stresses, as each step that we take while walking, running or exercising, coupled with our body weight, places a great deal of shock impact on the bones in our feet. There are more bones in the human foot than the rest of the human body combined. While we often take our feet, and the hard and difficult job that they do for granted, just think what would happen if we had no feet at all. Don’t you think it’s time you start really look after your feet, and making sure that you have healthy feet?

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Luckily professional help and assistance is at hand in the form of Alexander and Farrell Podiatry. Howard Alexander and Celeste Farrell are highly qualified and experienced experts in the field of podiatry, everything that is related to the human foot is within their scope of expertise. Problems and complications relating to the human foot can sometimes be rather complicated but with regular check-ups, almost all of these can be diagnosed early and thus treated efficiently and effectively.

Whether it is the design and manufacture of a variety of orthotic products, the diagnosis and treatment of various foot conditions ranging from mild to severe, or cutting edge biomechanics including force plate assessment and video gate analysis (an essential analysis for both runners and athletes), Alexander and Farrell Podiatry can provide you with a comprehensive podiatry solution.

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Call Alexander and Farrell Podiatry today to set up an appointment and get your feet back to a healthy and solid footing. 

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