Force Plate assessment


What are Force Plate Assessments?

Postural control organises the orientation and equilibrium of the body during upright stance and is essential to the successful performance of daily movements and activities as well as fall prevention. Force platforms or force plates are measuring instruments that measure the ground reaction forces generated by a body standing on or moving across them, to quantify balance, gait and other specifications of bio mechanics, these assessments are called Force Plate Assessments. Most common areas of application are medicine and sports. Force plates are used for postural control assessments, clinicians are using this technology to assess patients. 


A highly sensitive mat records pressure distribution and foot motion whilst your foot is in contact with the ground. The results will indicate what foot type you have, (low, medium, or high-arch, supination and pronation, etc).

How this information is interpreted sets us apart from the rest. Understanding how your foot performs dynamically will ensure the best fitting shoe and custom insole perform specifically for your sport.

The analysis can highlight bio mechanical deficiencies that often result in injury, the combination of correct footwear and custom insole can reduce the chance of these injuries.

Finally, you are recorded running on the treadmill with your new custom fitted shoes. This is played back along-side your original footwear to ensure they are functioning perfectly and to demonstrate the difference.


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