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Have you ever thought of the role your feet play in your life? It is something that most people may not really think about, but undoubtedly our feet do a lot of hard work for us, from carrying us from one point A to B and sometimes C, operating machinery including our cars, therefore they have Podiatry Needs.Everyone knows the importance of periodic medical check-ups for our daily health and in the same way it has dawned on us that taking care of our feet is probably quite important too. Just imagine you at your girlfriend’s house and it’s just the two of you. You get a little comfortable on the couch and you remove your shoes, forgetting that you have a tiny problem – smelly-feet! How embarrassing would that be? 


Podiatry is a profession that specializes in and deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of feet, ankles and lower leg conditions. Podiatrists can also treat day-to-day foot problems including:

-          Fungal or ingrown toenails

-          Verrucas

-          Smelly feet

-          Dry and cracked heels

-          Blisters

-          Gout

-          Bunions

Howard Alexander is a professional podiatry that will alleviate all your feet problems. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when you are in the hands of our professionals.  After all, you are not the first one to suffer from smelly feet or cracked heels and you certainly won’t be the last. It’s actually pretty normal and can be cured just like any other disease. There are a number of factors that our podiatrist considers when assessing and diagnosing your feet. They will look at your full medical history and also check the way you move your lower leg joints when you walk. They discuss your concerns with you and make a diagnosis and treatment plan according to their findings. They also consider the type of footwear you wear. Some feet just require a change of shoes to solve your problem, but you can only know for sure after the professional assessment. Your occupation and lifestyle can also be used in assessing and diagnosing the health of your feet.

Howard Alexander can offer you a treatment that will improve your mobility and independence through the prevention and management of foot problems. Bone and joint disorders, muscular problems and neurological diseases can be treated as well. Problems like foot injuries, shin splints, aching feet, corns, plantar warts can be diagnosed and managed.

You should remember that your foot problems can affect your daily life negatively. You can’t keep living with the discomfort that smelly feet bring when we are there to help you. Do not hesitate to contact Howard Alexander and our friendly podiatrist will take care of you!

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