Why We Are the Best Biomechanics Specialists

When it comes to Biomechanics, Alexander and Farrell Podiatry are considered as one of the best Biomechanics Specialists in South Africa. Biomechanics is the study of structure and function of forces on and within the human body. This service allows us to analyse and interpret the cause and effect of various forces applied to or within the body.

This assessment is used for various reasons, whether it is to analyse technical performance of sports people, or to aid in rehabilitation.

This complex evaluation takes feet, legs and body position into account, with weight applied or without, while it is also essential when it comes to functional foot orthotics.

This process and the information it gathers allows for an accurate diagnosis when it comes to either recommending a rehabilitation program, or an orthotic prescription (should the issue be mechanical).

Our qualified and experienced Podiatrists specialize in providing Biomechanical assessments, designing and manufacturing orthotics, diagnosing and treating foot and ankle disorders, as well as children’s podiatry.

Due to them specializing in this field, they are able to process and analyse information quickly and accurately before recommending the right course of action.

If you would like to find out more about Biomechanics and how it could benefit you, talk to a professional at Alexander and Farrell Podiatry today.

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